The project “Time for change: Promoting sustainable production and consumption of raw materials in the context of EYD 2015 and beyond” builds up from the efforts by 13 partners internationally, with a special focus on new EU Member States. The project runs between 2015 and 2017 and targets EU citizens, companies and decision makers through a wide range of activities.

The “Stop Mad Mining” campaign running in 2015 within the framework of the European Year of Development 2015 aims at creating the link between (over-) consumption of raw materials in Europe on the one hand, and poverty, human right violations, and environmental destruction in resource rich countries on the other hand. Our goal is to sensitise and mobilise citizens, politicians and companies around the dramatic impact of our consumption patterns on the dwindling, non-renewable resources globally, and how this in turn is impacting the life of people affected by the extraction of raw materials and climate change.

our core demands

Our Core Demands

key activities

Key Activities