EU & Cyprus legal framework and management of WEEE

The report runs through the legislation and directives that govern the recycling of Electric and Electronic Equipment (E.E.E.) and describes the categories of E.E.E. that are collected, as well as the process that is followed for the separation, preparation and shipping to the various countries for the final stage of recycling, as Cyprus does not operate a center to reclaim metals, material or energy from E.E.E.s. The report then states the size of E.E.E. that enter the market the last few years and the relative mass of waste that is produced by different uses, along with any equipment that is deemed reusable, as a measure to reinforce cyclical economy practices and sustainable management of E.E.E. in Cyprus.

Time For Change Conference Presentations

Conference presentation for the event “Time for Change: Supply Chains in the Cyprus Context”, which was held on the 19 th January 2016 at Classic Hotel, Nicosia.

No valentine for coal! (23/02/2015)

Valentine's Day this year was set as fossil fuels "Global Divestment Day", and several thousand protesters against reliance on fossil fuels took to the streets in several countries.

Chinese Coal-to-Liquids Plans Would Worsen Global Warming (24/02/2015)

Chinese companies press forward with plans to process coal into other fuels, despite water scarcity and excess climate change pollution.

Government Documents Reveal Canadian Embassy Backed Mining Abuses in Mexico (25/02/2015)

A report based on internal documents obtained from the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD) concludes that Canadian diplomats in Mexico were complicit in Canadian company’s efforts to avoid redressing a violated land use contract and poor working conditions, and supported repression against a peaceful protest.

Controversy prompted as polluting Spanish copper mine re-opens (26/02/2015)

A mine near Seville, will resume operations 17 years after a tailings dam burst, releasing five million cubic metres of toxic sludge into the Guadiamar river. The regional government claims reopening the mine will create 450 jobs, while conservationists claim environmental concerns.

Beijing’s tough new stance on the environment seems to be having an effect on the country’s leading steel producing province (27/2/2015)

The Chinese regime is cracking down on pollution and Hebei’s output of steel is predicted to fall by 60-million tones over the next three years.

Mining's "great and good" tout their African wares (28/02/2015)

Africa's annual mining conference, provides an opportunity for governments and mining companies to showpiece projects and tap money, primarily from foreign investors. As in previous years, critics of the official event gathered for their own alternative conference.