Freeport McMoRan halts output at Indonesia mine (20/03/2015)

Production has been halted at Freeport-McMoRan Inc’s copper mine in Indonesia as more than 50 workers blocked an access road to the Grasberg site for a fourth consecutive day.

EU bank's alleged lack of transparency (21/03/2015)

The EU watchdog has accused the union’s bank of flouting its own transparency rules and hiding what it knows about allegations of tax avoidance by a Zambian mining firm largely owned by the Swiss commodity trader Glencore.

Three recent articles, view the mining industry from somewhat different perspectives (22/03/2015)

The first article tells the story of the Australian mining billionaires who are losing by the current bill market, the second of mining companies buying communities’ quiet for controversial projects and the third of violence and political corruption symbolizing the global extraction industry.

Protestors mark the 20th anniversary of the Philippine Mining Act (23/03/2015)

Protests taking place in Manila and around the country took place on 23 March 2015 to commemorate the anniversary of the much criticized 1995 Mining Act, emphasizing how it is not delivering on its decades-long promise of economic development.

CISDE Campaign: In 2015, let’s demand ambitious legislation from the European Union to put a stop to conflict minerals!

An international alliance of Catholic development agencies working together for global justice has launched a campaign, supported by many organization, to demand an ambitious conflict minerals regulation.

Moody, R. A Critical Matter: German Investments in the Mining Sector. Heinrich Böll Stiftung, 2014

This paper is aimed at informing German civil society groups about the role of German financial institutions in supporting the acquisition of raw materials primarily from overseas and the social and environmental impacts of doing so.

EU Regulation on Conflict Minerals: What the European Parliament vote means for Member States

EU Regulation on Conflict Minerals: What the European Parliament vote means for Member States

Canada’s Ministry of Natural Resources. Corporate Social Responsibility Checklist for Canadian Mining Companies Working Abroad. 2015

A checklist to provide Canadian mining companies developing mining projects abroad with a tool that can assist them to plan for and mitigate potential environmental, social and ethical challenges they may encounter.