La Buena Vida (The Good Life) documentary by Jens Schanze (2015)

The story of the Colombian village of Tamaquito, told against a global backdrop of rising energy consumption being driven by the pursuit of growth and affluence.

World Organisation against Torture and International Federation for Human Rights. Guatemala – “Smaller than David”. The Struggle of Human Rights Defenders. (OMCT, FIDH, 2015)

A report identifying the extreme vulnerability of human rights defenders opposing mining firms in Guatemala.

Prior Consultation Information Center by Dejusticia and Racial Discrimination Watch

A platform launched for different actors interested in advancing the right to prior consultation.

Wiener, R. and Torres, J. Large scale mining: Do they pay the taxes they should? The Yanacocha case. (LATINDADD, 2014)

This report questions the tax payments of one of the world’s biggest gold mines based in Peru (Yanacocha), which is partly owned by the World Bank.

Galindo, A. and Kambel. E-R. A Toolkit on Indigenous Women and the Inter-American Human Rights System. Couillard, V. (ed.) (Forest Peoples Programme, 2015)

This toolkit contains information explaining different aspects of the Inter-American system, to help indigenous women and their advocates to use the system effectively.

Doyle C. (ed.) Business and Human Rights: Indigenous Peoples’ Experiences with Access to Remedy. Case studies from Africa, Asia and Latin America (AIPP, Almáciga, IWGIA, 2015)

This book addresses issues and challenges in relation to access to remedy at this nexus between the State’s role, corporations’ responsibility and indigenous people’s rights.