Residents of the Aradippou area, in Larnaca Cyprus, are fretting that local officials may cave in to political pressure to green-light the construction of a precious metals refinery plant with potential health risks.

The Toronto-based mining company Nautilus received permission to move ahead and mine for copper below the ocean’s surface off the coast of Papua New Guinea. Mining in the deep sea has never happened before, and many remain skeptical of its supposed benefits and environmental implications.

Is Lefka copper mine re-opening? Will bats find a new home after their cave will be destroyed in Apliki? Read more in an article published on 28 June 2015 by the Cyprus Mail which discusses the issues concerning the reopening the Lefka copper mine and the restarting of operations at Apliki copper mine in Cyprus.

On 25 June 2015 members of the UK civil society including our ‘Stop Mad Mining’ Project Partner ‘London Mining Network’, held an action in central London to challenge the ‘Mining on Top Africa: London Summit’. Members of the African and UK civil society and communities challenged the validity and motivations of the conference, which was lacking meaningful representation from African civil society and communities and ignored the negative impacts ...