CARDET in collaboration with the NGO Future World Center successfully implemented the conference “Time for Change: Supply Chains in the Cyprus Context” on the 19 th January 2016 at Classic Hotel, Nicosia for the European project Sustainable Production and Consumption in the framework of EYD2015 and beyond!, and the campaign Stop Mad Mining.

CARDET is organizing the Conference “Time for Change: Responsible Supply Chains in Cyprus” in collaboration with the NGO Future World Center and under the auspices of the Ministries of Education and Culture and Foreign Affairs.

CARDET participated, through the campaign Time for Change, in the Environmental Fair, held on the 18th September, in the municipal gardens in Nicosia from eleven in the morning until seven in the afternoon. During the festival we had the opportunity to engage local environmental organizations..

Advocacy work for an EU Conflict Minerals legislation. Petition handover for 42 000 signatures before the second Trialogue Meeting (compromise negotiations between European Council, European Commission and European Parliament) for a binding legislation on the imports of Minerals from countries with active conflicts.